Hailing from the west suburbs of Chicago, I will have completed my Master’s degree in magazine journalism at NYU by the beginning of this summer. I am currently an editorial intern for tech startup Sprinklr; past employers include Rolling Stone, Digital First Media’s Thunderdome, Lucky and Redbook, among many others. (Please see resume for more.)

I’m passionate about colorful, compelling writing and  am experienced in both print and online journalism covering a variety of topics including local news, beauty, fashion/style, personal finance, food, relationships and lifestyle. I am an excellent copy-editor with a keen eye for detail as well. My goal as a journalist is to tell stories through print or multimedia. I’m only 24, but I’m already writing my eventual memoir in my head.

Email me at li.laura.xj@gmail.com


One piece I’m proud of but didn’t get published was written during my first semester at NYU; I was inspired by M. Alice LeGrow to look into the lives of women who work as birthday party princesses. Read it here: A Tale of Professional Princesses

As part of a pop culture and entertainment writing course I took, I contributed weekly to our class blog. Read my posts here: NYU Pop Culture

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