18 Amazing Pieces of Lady Gaga Fan Art

What an honor to see my name on the Rolling Stone website! I was thrilled when my editor assigned this to me (Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists).

It involved a lot of research, but her fans around the world — seriously, most of these artists are not from the U.S. — are amazingly talented and I found more than 50 pieces I wanted to use. The hard part was reaching out to all of them to get permission (this ain’t Buzzfeed, after all); it’s quite difficult to contact Tumblr/DeviantART artists, but I’ve done so much image-chasing in previous internships that I’m pretty deft at it now. Alas, only a fraction of my intended artists responded to me, but the gallery still turned out well.

Afterward, my editor informed me that the piece was #3 most viewed of new published content during the week of 11/10-16, with more than 200k views. Not bad at all.

See the whole slideshow at RollingStone.com.


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